Brief Introduction to the Exposition

Since 4 years of learning and growing, “Shanghai International School Uniform Exposition" (referred to as "ISUE") has gradually become China's most influential professional school uniform exposition, and ledChina’suniformto the international market. With the theme of “Clothing for moralization, let school uniform impart educational spirit", 2016 ISEU" attracted more than 120 high-quality branded enterprises within the industry of school uniform; in addition, it brought nearly 15000 visits to the site for visiting and purchasing. It has stimulated industry reform and blown the horn for “a new age of China’s school uniform”.Shanghai International School Uniform Exposition is the “strongest voice” of school uniform industry to solve problems such as “poisonous costume”, “unreasonable threshold”, “unreasonable price limit” and “industry bad money driving good money”.

With the theme of “Optimizing market mechanism, upgrade business concepts”, 2017 Shanghai International School Uniform Exposition will dig deep into the next-generation education market, “propel China school uniform industry to establish a more open, fair and just market mechanism, release the power of innovation in the industry, and advocate brand, personalization and internalization”, and better serve China’s youth education as “youngsters are the future of a country”. 2017 ISUE is estimated to be 20000㎡ with 200 high-quality branded enterprises and presidents of 16000 universities, middle schools and primary schools, purchasers and kindergarten leaders. This is one of the biggest events in China’s school uniform industry which integrates with market players, and builds a leading professional service platform for business and purchasing.

Functions of ISUE:

(一)    “ISUE” keeps you in the forefront of the development trends and market information, helps you adapt to all the changes of the market;

(二)   ”ISUE” is a platform with 200 outstanding school uniform producers and it will show you all classic uniform products in the world in 3 days; it helps education administrative departments and schools to understand the latest product information of the industry; it locates the most suitable school uniform supplier; meanwhile, together with other education units, it explores the construction of campus culture and school brand image;

(三)   ISUE” builds a platform of communication between uniform producers and schools, and balances the supply and demand;

(四)   Its international market promotion platform helps school uniform producers build their brand images and enhance the company awareness in the market;

(五)   It expands global sales channels, and builds an international platform for school uniform end market.